Published writing

Another marvellous thing about having a blog is that I can collate all my published scribbles in the one place. That's good for me and useful for you if you'd like to dig around at some of my other stuff and maybe offer me a book deal or something...


Why we want Malcolm Turnbull as PM (The Age 05/02/15) 

G20 - Thank God it's over (SMH 17/11/14) 

How job cuts in the public sector work (The Age 15/08/12) 

Men die while a CEO unplugs an airline. Which gets more airtime? (The Drum 01/11/11)

Abbot and Gillard could learn from Pooh (The Age 11/08/10)

Five reasons the Libs should push Malcolm Turnbull to the front (The Punch 14/08/10) 


Anxiety and an app to track it (The Age 10/10/14) 

Uncool, but grammar should rule the schools  (Sydney Morning Herald 30/10/12)

Our one-track minds put albums out of fashion (The Age 09/11/11)

Man starved girls go chaps fishing (The Australian 30/07/07) 

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